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Live Show Money Booster

You can get more money and momentum from every live show — without extra work.

The Live Show Money Booster is the method for automatically engaging your most valuable fans.

Nearly every major industry with an online presence has discovered the massive value of owning "fan" data—it's time your artists did, too.

Entertainers are missing out on revenue they deserve.

And it's all because of fragmentation. 

Venues, ticketing agencies, iTunes, Spotify and Facebook are making a killing from your fan base. Because they own your fan data.




My name is Blake. I can help. 

I know touring is a lot of work, not to mention a huge investment of your time and money. My process is simple: reclaim your fan data so you can generate more revenue automatically.

I believe artists should be in direct connection with the fans who love their work.

Make More—Automatically.

You need the Live Show Money Booster.

Here's how it works:

  1. Captures fan data at your live show.

  2. Organizes fans into an ongoing revenue-generating system.

  3. Activates fans with perfectly-timed messages after the show.*

*Note: this process requires literally no extra work from the artist or road manager. So don't worry about refilling social media feeds and other time-wasters!


Independent artist Matt Wertz got immediate results while delighting his fans.

Independent artist Matt Wertz got immediate results while delighting his fans.

Build and sustain momentum with your fan base.

  • 3x Fan Growth Rate

  • 2x Fan Engagement

  • Increased Merch Sales

  • Zero Salesy Tactics

Ready to set it up?

1. Apply for your free strategy session.

2. Choose a time that works for you.

3. Implement the Live Show Money Booster method.

This strategy call won't have a sales pitch, but you will have the option to hire me to build and implement everything, if you want.