Abundance Marketing

Selling your course could be easier.

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🤔 What would you do with an extra $10k+ in monthly revenue?

My clients want more sales, sure. But sales is not the end game. 

For them, impact is what really matters.

If your course or membership really works for your audience, then you owe it to them to maximize your selling power. 

There are 2 ways to do this. One is what you've probably seen your peers do: hypey marketing, manipulative sales tricks and annoying ads. 

There's a better way — one that actually enhances your reputation, rather than making you look like a marketer. 

This is the way I go about getting an immediate surge in sales for my clients. And you can learn my process free of charge in this case study video.


“Blake understood exactly what I wanted and helped me elevate my business.”

- Joshua Becker, bestselling author and creator of Uncluttered course


What's Abundance Marketing?

Abundance Marketing is a consultancy owned by Blake Stratton, who specializes in helping personality brands create rapid growth without looking "salesy."

The Elite Course Growth Program helps you create an immediate spike in sales using organic growth methods — so you're not reliant on chasing ever-changing algorithms.

Blake's strategic coaching  has produced dramatic results across a variety of industries, including fitness, stock trade, entertainment, self-help and more.

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Watch the Case Study

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